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Got a call from Fellow RingFinder Matty St Germain asking if I could do a recovery in Long Branch because he was busy and couldn’t make it. I called Katie and told her i’d be able to help her and should be to the beach club she was at within a half hour. Katie met me at the entrance of the club and took me to the spot she was sitting when she lost her ring. Seems she took off her ring to put lotion on and placed it on a towel on her beach chair and forgot it was there. The towel was taken off the chair and the ring went flying. While searching for the ring in the sand someone mentioned Ring Finders seeing Matty and I have been to the club a few times before, and they kinda knows us. I started searching and the first target turned out to be trash but after moving over a few feet I heard the tone I was hoping for and said your ring should be right here. I pushed the sand away with my foot and there was her ring. She beat me reaching down to get it ,she was so excited to see it again. So glad I was able to return her ring to her. Always a great feeling. She told me I saved the day. Another Happy Ending….


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