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Recovery #394!

I recovered this wedding band once before. Got a call from Michael who I found his wedding band during the summer on Long Branch Beach asking if I could help him again. He was spending the morning in the Upper Raritan River trout fishing. While standing in waist deep water he clapped and shook his hands to try and dry them his ring flew off into the water. He tried to see if he could find it himself but the water was too muddy to see. He marked the area on the bank of the river and left. He called me and I told him i’d be happy to help but where he was, was a little over an hour away if he didn’t mind meeting me there in about an hour and a half. We met on the highway and I followed him to a little bridge, parked and from there we had to walk in the river about 100 yards to where he was fishing. We got to the marker he left and I went out to the middle and started detecting. I got 1 signal but that turned out to be trash. Then another and being a rocky bottom it took 6 tries to get it into my scoop and it turned out to be his ring. He was so glad I was able to find it for him. A great recovery on a Sunday afternoon hunt.


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