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Got a message from Wendy and Paul asking for my help in finding Paul’s wedding band. A few day ago we had a bad storm come through our area. When it was over they went outside to start clearing up their yard of leaves and down branches. Afterwards while watching television Paul noticed his wedding band was missing. They went out to try to find it but had no luck, Wendy posted signs around asking anyone who might see it while walking by please let them know. Family and neighbors came out to help look. Still nothing. Someone told her to look up Ring Finders and she found me. I went out the next day and met them. They showed me around their property and I went to work. I checked all the leaf piles in the road thinking it came off in them, Checked the back then side yard, then walked the whole edge of the main yard. Still no luck. Paul came out to offer me a drink so I asked some more questions to go by. He was using a leaf blower most of the time but I asked where he was when he was just using his hand to pick up branches. He pointed to an area and I went there and within maybe 10 minutes I finally had his ring. It was pushed into the dirt some most likely from everyone walking around the yard looking for it. I called Wendy and asked her to come outside and she couldn’t believe I found it. She first said it was going to be like a needle in a haystack. I’m so glad I was able to reunite Paul with his ring. Another Happy ending for everyone.


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