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I was getting ready to go out detecting when I got a text from Max asking for help. While enjoying the day at Deal beach with his wife he decided to go in for one last dip. Out in chest deep water he felt his wedding band slip off his finger. He tried to catch it but couldn’t. Upset he went up and told his wife what had happened, she became upset as well. Thinking about it he did a Google search about lost ring at beach and discovered one of my recent recovery posts. He texted just to see and I called back immediately. He said he was getting ready to leave but when I told him I could be there within 15 minutes he agreed to wait. We met and he showed me where he was swimming and I started hunting. With a 2 hour difference in tide I figured it shouldn’t be as far out as when he lost it, maybe waisted high water now. After making just 3 passes back and forth I recovered his ring. They couldn’t believe I found it and how fast. Both were so happy to get Max’s ring back. Glad I could put a happy ending to their day.

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