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Wedding Ring recovered in Sea Girt NJ By Dennis Burlingame

Recovery #402

Got a message from Leah asking for help in locating a friends wedding band at Sea Girt beach. I told her to get me as much information about it and i’ll head right down. While driving to the beach I got a call from Inger the woman who lost the ring, she is visiting from Norway. She was able to give me a pretty good idea as to where to look for it. It seems while enjoying the day at the beach she put her jewelry in the cup holder on her beach chair. When it was time to leave she started putting it back on and started to gather stuff up and didn’t get the chance to put her ring back on yet. Not knowing this her son went and folded up the chair and the ring went flying into the sand. Everyone started to look for it but didn’t have any luck. I got to the beach and she told me about where to look and to look for the holes they dug and the dig marks looking for it. Sure enough I saw where they were sitting and digging and after about 10 minutes I had her ring in the scoop. I called her to tell her the good news and made arrangements to meet up with her the next day. A happy ending for all.



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