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Got a call from fellow Ring Finder Matty St Germain asking if I could go to Long Branch for a recovery. He gave me the number to Andrew who was on the beach for Labor Day with his family, and mom and dad. Seems his mom after getting settled in took off her rings to put lotion on and placed them on her lap and got distracted. Went to move her chair then remembered her rings but it was to late. 3 rings totaled but they could only find 1 sifting through the sand with their hands. He was on his way to get a rake to see if that would help when they found Matty on Ring Finders and called out to him. He couldn’t make it so he called me. Andrew’s father met me and took me down to the beach where they were sitting and showed me where mom was sitting and where they found the first ring. I checked from the chair out to the area they found the first ring and within a foot of where that one was I found the other two. Please excuse the photos, in a rush I left on phone in my car and had to have the dad take the pictures for me. All in all a Happy Ending for all and they can go and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

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