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My craziest recovery story yet!!!

I received a link to a story from a friend that was posted in one of the Jersey shore newspapers almost a week ago. The story was posted by a young woman whose husband had lost his wedding band on the beach in Margate and if found please contact her.

So I messaged her on Facebook and explained that I have a lost jewelry recovery service and I may be able to help and to contact me if interested? 3 days later ( yesterday) she asked if I could meet her on the beach and try to find it? She than states that she fears a bird ( seagull) may have eaten it! Ugh what? I’m thinking! So we meet and she tells me that her and her husband were on the beach and he had a bag of peanuts with the shells on and decided he wanted to go swimming and took his wedding ring off and put it in the bag of peanuts. Well while in the water they noticed a seagull flying away with the bag across the beach!!! Searching the beach they found the torn up bag with a peanut in it about a football fields distance away up by the dunes but no ring! I’m thinking you have got to be kidding me?

So I hand her some marker flags and ask her to stick 1 where they were sitting 1 where they found the bag and I will form and search path with the others and start to grid the area with my metal detector. Take note again that over a week has passed since the loss! Searching away I’m finding coins,trash and a house key after about hour has passed. Reaching the halfway done mark of the marked off area bam! I can’t believe it I found the ring!!! I approached her and asked again what the ring looked liked and she replied just like hers but bigger as she held out her Tiffany & Co silver wedding band. As I held out my hand I said oh you mean like this?? She just couldn’t believe it and almost started crying with joy and started hugging me. Then she says you didn’t find a key did you? Haha! Yes I did and it was her house key that was also in the bag. I showed her where I had found the ring on the beach and low and behold there were peanut shells all over still in the sand from culprits! Lol! Definitely one of the craziest searches I have ever done, I thought it was a lost


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