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I was just sitting down to eat and I got a call from fellow Ring Finder Matty St Germain asking if I could run to Ocean Grove to look for a lost wedding set. Said I would and loaded up the detector and headed out. I called Dascha and told her I was on my way and asked where to meet her. She was on the beach enjoying the day with her husband Gregg. She wanted to go down to the water and handed Gregg her rings to hold on to so not to lose them. Gregg slipped them on his pinkie finger but he also just put on lotion. He got up and walked down to the water edge to be with Dascha and then noticed the rings were missing. Dascha went on google and found Ring Finders and called Matty but he couldn’t go so he reached out to me. They were waiting for me on the beach and with luck would have it, it started to rain. I asked Gregg to mark the path he took to walk down to the water and told them no need to stay in the rain because I didn’t know how long it was going to take. They took their chair and headed to the car and I figure the best place to start was where they were sitting. Started detecting around where the chair was and first target was her band, detected a little more in the area and not to far was her engagement ring. I started to walk off the beach and called them and she was still on the boardwalk because Gregg was getting the car. She couldn’t believe I found them already and was so glad and grateful to have her rings back where they belonged. Great Happy Ending to a rainy afternoon.


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