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Wildwood Crest, NJ Lost gold chain and charm, FOUND!

By Jeffrey Laag 609-780-4525

#416 Carlos explained that he was holding his sons gold chain and charm while at the beach on July 4th. At some point he unknowingly dropped the chain / charm and did not realize it until later. His wife reached out and explained the situation and that her husband was beside himself for loosing it. On July 5th I headed out to search the area using aerial pics and face time meetings to get me into the suspected search area as the family was out of the area. Searched for about 2hrs with no luck. Several weeks later I wanted to recheck the area since i was already at the beach with family and BINGO I had the chain in about 15-20 minutes of searching. I suspect that either the beach rake may have dragged the chain some or people were sitting on top of it when I searched the first time. Carlos and his wife were in disbelief when I told them that I had their heirloom chain. They were reunited with their item this morning. Another happy family!

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