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Justin called this week asking if I could help find a lost ring. He is pretty sure he lost in his yard while doing yard work. This isn’t the first time I have talked to Justin, he called last year when he lost the same ring, in his house. I told him that I couldn’t use my detector in the house but I will do a visual search. After giving him some tips for a house search he found the ring.

Our calendars allowed a Halloween search. He showed me the primary area. He was wearing gloves at the time but took them off a few times. He threw stuff into a trash can, but the trash wasn’t taken yet, in case we need to search the debris. The ring is not in the gloves. I checked the bag of grass seed that he was using, no ring.

I turned on my detector and immediately started getting severe electronic interference. I did a noise-canceling procedure, a few times, and even did ground balancing. No luck. This just made the search a lot more difficult. I searched the whole area with no luck. I went to my truck and retrieved another detector with a much smaller coil. Still receiving the same interference. Maybe this was a testing site for nuclear bombs, or his yard is on top of an iron mine.

The smaller coil was successful. After about 15 minutes I got a really strong 9 on the detector, pushed back the grass and there was a beautiful family heirloom. No tricks here only treats! This yellow gold ring with 3 diamonds was his father’s ring. Justin was awestruck & speechless. After a few minutes, he said he just texted a good friend saying that he thinks he is not going to see his ring again.

I gave him some advice, when doing yard work, leave the ring in the house. He told me he was going to clean out the garage after I left, But he will not be wearing his ring.

I love my hobby!


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