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In late April, Roy left a message on my phone asking if I could help him locate his lost wedding ring. I called him back about an hour later. He explained that while cleaning up his yard he was throwing sticks into the woods. At some point, his ring must have flown off. I told him I would be there within the hour, hopefully getting there before the sunset.

I got there with a few minutes to spare as there was still some daylight. He showed me the area he thinks he lost his ring. He explained that he has recently lost a lot of weight and his ring was loose. He said after he called he went out with a leaf blower and tried to find it, creating a large pile of leaves.

I told him if it is here I will find it. I started searching and got a signal almost immediately. It was deeper than a surface find so I continued. Roy and his wife started walking back to the house. Within the next 2 minutes, I got a very strong signal in the pile of leaves. I kicked them to the side and there was Roy’s wedding ring.

As I was taking a picture they noticed me on the ground and started to walk back. I picked it up and showed them what I found. They were stunned that I found it so quickly. Roy explained that it has a lot of sentimental value and that his 14th anniversary is in 2 days.

I handed the ring to his wife, so she could put it back on his finger! The smiles on their faces were well worth the long drive to get there. Roy said he was going to get a ring guard so he wouldn’t have to call me again!

I love my hobby!


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