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Paul was doing some yard work in his backyard, pulling up ivy from around a shed and some trees. When he was done, his wedding ring was missing. He emptied the bags of debris he made and searched without finding the ring. His wife suggested to buy a metal detector and search for it. Paul instead searched the internet for a metal detecting guy and found me.

Paul called me today and asked if I could help him find his ring after a brief description of what happened. I told him I would be able to come over after work.

I met Paul, and he showed me the area. There is still a lot of ivy in the yard. He only thinned it out. He told me a little bit about his property. The front part of the house is an old mill built-in 1805. In 1906 they added an addition to the back of the building and converted the mill into a residence. I started my search and immediately found a can pull-tab. The next signal within a minute was the ring. It was a large white gold ring with a nice design etched into it. Paul couldn’t believe how fast I found it. He spent a long time looking for it. I couldn’t see his smile, because he was wearing a face mask, but I could see his amazement in his eyes. He told me that I could come back at a later date and search the property for artifacts, BONUS!!! I love my hobby!!


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