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I received an email early yesterday morning, from K asking about my fees to look for a lost wedding ring at the shore. I replied saying that I don’t have a fee. We sent emails back & forth getting all of the details. The only issue was I would be able to make it down till Friday, and today is Tuesday.

K’s husband R was playing in the ocean with their son in waist-deep water at high tide. As R was throwing his son into a wave, his wedding ring of 11 years went flying into the surf. K posted the incident on Facebook. One of her friends recommended me as I had found his lost ring before.

The best time to search for this ring would be at low tide, which is 11pm tonight. After some adjusting of my schedule, I traveled to Ocean City for the search on 9th st. At 7:45 the beach was still pretty crowded. I called R and told him that I was there. He said he would come up and show me where the loss occurred. I searched for a while finding just a few coins. After a while, R approached me. I was on the wrong beach. They had entered at 9th street and went right. They were swimming at the 10th Street Life Guard stand. R gave me the details and the general area. I did a grid pattern and came up with just a few coins. I expanded the search area, and on my 1st pass of the extended area, I had R’s ring in my scoop. The happiness on R’s face was awesome. I got a firm handshake followed by a “bro” hug. He said he thought that this search was not going to find his ring. He had thought that it was gone forever. I said that you should probably call your wife. He said he would wait to see her reaction in person. As we were leaving the beach K called asking about our progress. R told a white lie and said that we were still looking. When we got back to my truck, R paid for my parking, Thank You!! He asked for several business cards to spread the word. I found out that R is a 1st responder in PA, he is a police officer. I love helping other 1st responders!! Update: The Philadelphia ABC Affiliate 6ABC did a story on this recovery. There was supposed to be an interview but the news crew got diverted to a helicopter crash: See the news story here


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